Currently, Grancrete, Inc. manufactures three products, Grancrete A, Grancrete B and Grancrete HFR (High Fire Resistant). All of these materials have very similar basic characteristics such as high compressive strength, high flexural strength, strong bonding strength, long durability, fire resistance, water/salt/acid resistance, etc. Each product also has some differences that make them valuable for certain situations and applications.

Grancrete A has the fastest setting time, usually less than 10 minutes while Grancrete B and Grancrete HFR set within 15 to 20 minutes. Grancrete A and B both have good fire and heat tolerances while Grancrete HFR can withstand significantly higher heat which makes it a better product for high heat and fire applications.Grancrete Inc. is currently developing some additional products to address applications where additional strength, durability or color are needed

Having the best line of products is essential for our clients. Our products are known for good quality, and we know that you will be happy and satisfied with them.