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​About Us

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After a decade of development and successful demonstrations, Grancrete stands poised to bring its exciting family of new materials to the market on a large scale to address large-scale challenges. Refined formulations and production capabilities are now coupled with a growing distribution chain, multiple application devices and demonstration projects reflecting a myriad of uses. Whether you’re in need of a material to build something new, repair something worn or damaged, reinforce something under stress, or protect something at risk, including the environment, Grancrete’s high performance, green products offer a solution.

You can read more about the Grancrete family of products including examples of projects we have completed and technical details about our products.If you have a project in mind, contact one of our exclusive distributors to assist you with your product purchasing and implementation.

Choosing a company that has the best product on the market will guarantee the quality of your life. It is very important to understand that. As you can see, our products are state of the art, and we know that you will be a happy customer. Your life matters.


Global Challenges

•    World housing shortage > 1B homes•    Declining infrastructure – collapsing storm sewers, water containment systems, bridges, seawalls, retaining walls•    Number of natural disasters – hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami, fires•    Environmental concerns – waste management, recycling, mold, toxic building materials, etc.•    Production impact – no ozone depletion due to the burning of fossil fuels as with cement production•    Increased demand and price for cement, steel, and lumber

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